Oh No – an inch of snow! Let’s not panic……

It’s cold, damp and foggy out there – and snow may be on the way, if it hasn’t already arrived. Fear not, Halbert Accountancy is here to inject a little sunshine and warmth in to the winter landscape. Weather-wise, the first three months of a new year can be unpredictable and, as such, sometimes we can feel uncertain how to approach each day or week. Business wise, this same period – the last three months of the financial year – also potentially presents a myriad of challenges that have to be addressed. The crucial difference is, in business, we really do need a sound, reliable plan. Unsurprisingly and perhaps as a result of the ever changing conditions, it’s this time of year when weather forecasters and news reporters seem to get a tad over excitable. Typically this is most in evidence at any sign of snow in the offing, which, if more than an inch is expected, puts them in a dizzy tizzy and leads to dire predictions of a road network melt-down and warnings of a multitude of other unavoidable perils. That isn’t to say that we should ignore the advice we’re given, but a step back from the circus-like melee, allowing a comprehensive and thoughtful overview of things and the application of a rational plan of action, would surely be helpful. For example, consider the very real possibility that, less than a week after the winter apocalypse has been announced, terrified citizens may emerge from their hurried hibernation behind locked doors and sandbags, to report the first daffodil appearing in the garden. Then we are told that... read more

This New Year: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps……

  How Halbert Accountancy can help you move from Sole Trader to Limited Company status – with a little help from the three kings If moving from Sole Trader to a Limited Company status you need an accountant that brings a Gold Standard, offers frank and sensible advice and a realistic understanding that whilst mistakes can be made, good planning will significantly reduce the likelihood that they will be. After all, no one wants to work in an atmosphere of gathering gloom. We work with a lot of successful small business enterprises and in 2017 many will continue to grow and for some that might mean a move from Sole Trader status to registering as a Limited Company. Such a move is often precipitated by a crunch point being reached during a business expansion: perhaps your old premises are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the business, or… perhaps you’re increasing your staff to cope with larger contracts, or… perhaps you just feel the time is right. However, do you really know what you’re taking on? After all, once you’ve made your bed, you will have to lie in it! We See Things…as they really are Halbert Accountancy recognises that one of the pitfalls to such a move can be raising funds to finance the leasing of new premises or new equipment and that arranging loans for such a purpose is frequently where inexperienced and previously self-contained Sole Trader enterprises can err. Well, that’s OK. We can help steer you away from potentially bad decisions by looking at the fine details of past turnover, future predicted income... read more

All I want for Christmas – is some money left over in the New Year

Yes, but surely a bit of overindulgence is OK – isn’t it? Christmas is coming. We’re well in to November as this post goes to press, so even the straight-laced or scrooge-like character will very probably soon be succumbing to festive over indulgence. There’s nothing wrong with that: I’m looking forward to a break with the family and we all need to feel able to enjoy to the full the delights of the season. However, many will spend more than they can really afford to and some will be counting the cost come the New Year. Recovering from overspending can be a tough road – in business, as in life, it can lead to considerable hardship. With a little help and a little planning, that can be avoided and if it’s your business we’re talking about, Halbert Accountancy can definitely help. Turkey or Goose? How Big? For how many people? Deciding on the Christmas shopping list is, in some ways, not so different from budget planning for your business, except that the latter needs to be much more precise and carefully attended to throughout the year. Bubble and Squeak may be a tasty way to use up the mountain of leftovers on Boxing Day, but no one wants to be hashing together bits and pieces of a forgotten financial plan, come the end of January. However, establishing a budget that realistically estimates your projected expenses through the business year and then breaking that down month by month, understanding where spikes may occur in costs and being prepared to regularly review the forecasts against actual turnover is not, let’s face... read more

Trick or Treat: Don’t let your Accounts become a Halloween nightmare

Heart Stopping moments are fine for Halloween….. But you don’t want your accounts to result in your business ending up in the graveyard. Just as the heart is at the centre of ensuring a good supply of blood to the body and, if all is well, it can stand a few jolts to the system on Halloween, so every business should consider the state of the health of its finances and look on the basic but essential functions of accounting practice – up to date bookkeeping, timely tax returns, maximising allowances and expenses and general compliance with tax laws – as being at the core of keeping the business going and cash flow, like the body’s blood flow, steady and assured.   Are Accountancy Services a trick or a treat? Of course, the quality of the management of financial records and business accounts can vary. Some accountancy services may come very smartly dressed up: knocking on your door and asking you to part with a not inconsiderable sum for the basic services described above. However, beware the fancy language doesn’t disguise a gruesome lack of substance. If essential tasks are not given the attention they deserve, problems can develop that may end up sucking the life blood out of your business, driving a stake through its heart and possibly leaving you feeling that it’s all been a bit of a nasty trick. Others, understanding that in your business the functioning of multiple organs, supported by a good cash flow does depend on keeping the essentials in the best possible shape, will painstakingly carve out a full understanding of your... read more

Newsletter 6 – July 2016

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Newsletter 7 – October 2016

Christmas is around the corner – read how to spoil your staff and keep the tax-man happy, also the top tips for Self Assessment. Read... read more