Heart Stopping moments are fine for Halloween…..

But you don’t want your accounts to result in your business ending up in the graveyard.

Just as the heart is at the centre of ensuring a good supply of blood to the body and, if all is well, it can stand a few jolts to the system on Halloween, so every business should consider the state of the health of its finances and look on the basic but essential functions of accounting practice – up to date bookkeeping, timely tax returns, maximising allowances and expenses and general compliance with tax laws – as being at the core of keeping the business going and cash flow, like the body’s blood flow, steady and assured.


Are Accountancy Services a trick or a treat?

Of course, the quality of the management of financial records and business accounts can vary.

Some accountancy services may come very smartly dressed up: knocking on your door and asking you to part with a not inconsiderable sum for the basic services described above. However, beware the fancy language doesn’t disguise a gruesome lack of substance. If essential tasks are not given the attention they deserve, problems can develop that may end up sucking the life blood out of your business, driving a stake through its heart and possibly leaving you feeling that it’s all been a bit of a nasty trick.

Others, understanding that in your business the functioning of multiple organs, supported by a good cash flow does depend on keeping the essentials in the best possible shape, will painstakingly carve out a full understanding of your books, get to the heart of the matter and shine a light on any threats that may be hiding within.

At Halbert Accountancy we address those potential nightmares that can all too easily invade your entrepreneurial dreams, ensuring that we see quite clearly through the fog of numbers that may appear before you and guide you safely away from the demons that lurk in the shadows of half-hearted fiscal thinking.

Dealing with us is therefore a treat. We keep the financial heart of your business ticking over consistently and thereby help to ensure that any unexpected shocks don’t entirely spook the living daylights out of you or halt your company’s progress.

Is a Good Heart costly to maintain?

It’s all too easy to see essential basic services as being a cost that should be kept to a minimum.

In the world of Accountancy you should expect to pay a little bit more for the assurance of a permanently healthy heart at the core of your business and you’re most likely to avoid the horror of being haunted by fear and worry in your day to day work, if you do so.

The ghosts of those business owners, who believed their company finances could be well managed by accountants they rarely saw or they struggled to make contact with, offering haunting reminders of what not to do; whispering, as it were, in our ears: “wooooo-hoooooo…don’t cut corners”.


On this Halloween- Get the blood pumping again

They say that a sudden shock can be good for the system…….

So, if you are cowering in a corner, unsure what’s brewing in the cauldron of financial figures, let Halbert Accountancy cast a benign spell over your fears and renew your faith in a well-managed, client focused, comprehensive approach to that stew; that ensures you can ride the inevitable shocks that running your own business will deliver from time to time.

You never know, if you pop in to our office in the next couple of weeks, we might have some Pumpkin Pie to share…..

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